Friday, 27 April 2012

Brisk Dialer

---Dial Fast, dial quick.
---Top contacts on finger tips.
Its a MUST HAVE replacement for Stock Dialer. Brisk dialing saves your precious time and makes calling your friends fun and fast. Your frequently called contacts should be one tap away, which brisk dialer makes possible for you.
It has:
1. 10 quick dial buttons
2. A list of all contacts with fast search
3. List of favorites
4. Incoming and outgoing call log
5. Redial functionality
6. Multiple background
7. Link to default (stock) android call dialer and sms app
8. Colorful design (professional, teen and other themes will be added soon to make this app more personalized)
9. Small size
10. Of-course ... A dial-pad
It the first version of lite release. Please email us and inform us what features you need and which features you want out of the app in the next release coming up pretty soon.